Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Reviews 8oz bottle of Flat Screen Clean™

This stuff is great!!!
This stuff is great!!!
I have been telling everybody I know.
I have used a lot of different stuff.
But this is easy and it works with no streaks.
Thanks very much and i saw the video on you tube, that's how i found you.

Thanks again
jeff G.

I will never by any other screen cleaner than this.
This stuff gets almost everything off crayon markers, peanut butter, lipstick, etc... I will never by any other screen cleaner than this. Stuff is amazing and kinda smells minty too.

This stuff is amazing!
The real TV screen cleaner unbelievable!
I thought my Samsung 3d HTV was ruined this product is amazing.

GREAT STUFF! I just followed the instructions. It did an Amazing job.I have tried other cleaners that never worked right but this stuff was great. No Streaks! Just like glass.

"Product of the year"
Just an update.
I just reused this product and again was impressed.
My neighbor asked me if I could clean their TV screen again the same way I did it last year.
I forgot that I had done that and my daughters TV and computer screens also.
I was so impressed with how it worked I had to share this find.
Finally, a product that does what it says it does. And does it well!
If anyone is on the fence about buying a screen cleaner, look no further.
This by far is the best. In my opinion
"Product of the year"

Frank Mc 

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Really does the best job on everything!!!
I have this stuff and out of so many others I have tried, this one really does the best job on everything. I use it on all my Apple stuff as well as my 55"TV. No streaks and cleans up fingerprints the best.

Happy with it! and Cool with it!

Scott Recommend it !
Got it....use it....love it......Recommend it !

Excellent product 

Chicago Customer
Honestly, my husband was REALLY frustrated with the LED cleaner we had previously bought. So he went on YouTube and that's how he found you. Your product worked AMAZINGLY well!!

Italy Customer
I received your product today. They are perfect and effective. Thanks for the gadget that has given me. We feel the next order.


Find it a PAIN to Clean Your Devices Properly?

RESTORE the Clarity You Seek w/ Our AWARD-WINNING, NON-TOXIC Spray!

Instantly Removes Food Stains, Creams, Permanent Marker, and More.

Smudgeless Screens Are Just a Spray and a Wipe Away.

Featured on DIY Network & As Seen on TV.

You only need ONE cleaner to get the job done.

Great for TVs and touch-screen devices.

Check it out today See for yourself!

Flat Screen Clean™

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