Friday, October 30, 2015

Best Screen Cleaner

 Vincent Rugani Sr.

It’s A Whole New Category of TVs, Flat Screens, Touch Screens, Smart phones, Tablets, Curved TVs and Wearables and they need The Best Screen Cleaner to keep them all clean.

Flat Screen Clean™ is your one-stop-shop all-in-one flat and touch screen cleaning product that is both alcohol/ammonia free.

You no longer have to have multiple cleaners for your devices just one and it’s made from all-natural ingredients.

We made our product as simple as 1-2-3 and provide the customer with the tools needed to ensure satisfaction.

Flat Screen Clean™ is a non-toxic cleaner that has consumer health in mind.”

It will clean to the Extreme from chicken wings to hand creams and everything in-between.

What does Flat Screen Clean™ Remove?

Fingerprints, dust, dirt, lipstick, smoke film, Crayon, pencil, permanent marker,
Food soils, Grease, Oils, Ink, Creams, Body lotions, Food dust,
Food oils, Other cleaners residues left behind.

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P r I c e s

$11.95 + Shipping & Handling


$19.95 + Shipping & Handling


$29.95 + Shipping & Handling

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Customer Review for Flat Screen Clean™


What a Review!

I just had to let you know. It really worked. I mean it REALLY worked.

I don’t know how much stuff I’ve bought off the shelf and off the internet.

No matter what, they all fall short of my expectations.

I’m not picky, I just want the product to do what they said it can do.

Yours is the first one that far exceeded what you said it would do. I don’t have bananas or peanut butter on my screen.

I had streaks from other flat screen cleaners that made it worse and worse.

First try and BAM no freakin’ streaks.NONE!

I did my other three televisions right away.

Then my tablet. Then the kindle and all my smart phones.

I called my daughter and told her all about it. She thinks it’s a little weird that

I went on and on about this cleaner. Now when I go to her house for something I’m bringing that cleaner.

I just wanted to tell you that I’m a guy in his early sixties that has never wrote to anyone to thank them for their product.

Thank you. Now if you could make a cleaner that cleans sliding glass patio doors with no streaks I would vote for you for President!

Thanks again,
Frank M

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