Friday, October 30, 2015

Best Screen Cleaner

 Vincent Rugani Sr.

It’s A Whole New Category of TVs, Flat Screens, Touch Screens, Smart phones, Tablets, Curved TVs and Wearables and they need The Best Screen Cleaner to keep them all clean.

Flat Screen Clean™ is your one-stop-shop all-in-one flat and touch screen cleaning product that is both alcohol/ammonia free.

You no longer have to have multiple cleaners for your devices just one and it’s made from all-natural ingredients.

We made our product as simple as 1-2-3 and provide the customer with the tools needed to ensure satisfaction.

Flat Screen Clean™ is a non-toxic cleaner that has consumer health in mind.”

It will clean to the Extreme from chicken wings to hand creams and everything in-between.

What does Flat Screen Clean™ Remove?

Fingerprints, dust, dirt, lipstick, smoke film, Crayon, pencil, permanent marker,
Food soils, Grease, Oils, Ink, Creams, Body lotions, Food dust,
Food oils, Other cleaners residues left behind.

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$11.95 + Shipping & Handling


$19.95 + Shipping & Handling


$29.95 + Shipping & Handling

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Customer Review for Flat Screen Clean™


What a Review!

I just had to let you know. It really worked. I mean it REALLY worked.

I don’t know how much stuff I’ve bought off the shelf and off the internet.

No matter what, they all fall short of my expectations.

I’m not picky, I just want the product to do what they said it can do.

Yours is the first one that far exceeded what you said it would do. I don’t have bananas or peanut butter on my screen.

I had streaks from other flat screen cleaners that made it worse and worse.

First try and BAM no freakin’ streaks.NONE!

I did my other three televisions right away.

Then my tablet. Then the kindle and all my smart phones.

I called my daughter and told her all about it. She thinks it’s a little weird that

I went on and on about this cleaner. Now when I go to her house for something I’m bringing that cleaner.

I just wanted to tell you that I’m a guy in his early sixties that has never wrote to anyone to thank them for their product.

Thank you. Now if you could make a cleaner that cleans sliding glass patio doors with no streaks I would vote for you for President!

Thanks again,
Frank M

#ScreenCleaner , #FlatScreenClean , #ScreenCleaner , #FlatScreens , #TouchScreen , #Smartphones , #Tablets , #CurvedTVs , #Wearables , #EnvironmentallyFriendly , #Non-Toxic , #Anti-Static , #StreakFree

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Customers Review Flat Screen Clean™

 Customers Review Flat Screen Clean™

Dear Mr. Rugani

I am a retired Ph.D. Clinical Chemist. I have been a Pittsburgh resident
more than 45 years. Upon request, I attended the show of INPEX 2015
at Monroeville Convention Center to help attendees from Taiwan. I was
fortunate given a "Flat Screen Clean" kit by your company to try its
usefulness in electronic flat screen cleaning before the show was opened.
My wife used it to clean her IPAD and a 56"-Toshiba TV screen. She was
excited and felt extremely happy about the effectiveness of your product.
I tried to use it last night to clean my 15"- HP computer monitor and two
old TV screens, one is 18"- Zenith and the other 24"- Sony. I felt great
satisfaction in this product.
Honestly speaking, your kit price is not higher than the product I purchased
from someone else. Hope you will not raise your price because of what I
told you. Wish you succeed in selling of your product.

Der-Fong Fan, Ph.D.

Sincerely, Michael
 I used the product-it works great!

DIY Network
 Flat Screen Clean is safe and simple for all your flat screens and touch screens with a nice mint scent.

Katherine A Win Win
 An alcohol- and ammonia-free product that lives up to its name and its earth-friendly.

Customer K
 Hello thanks a lot I've been looking for something cors no matter how many times I tell my four year old to not touch the TV I see prints on it so can't wait to get this and give it a new least of life xx

Canada Customer
Thanks. Finally tried it on my three screen devices (watched your video in full on YouTube in conjunction with instructions on the bottle). First time ever using this type of cleaner for monitor/screens, so I can?t compare with anything else. The large HDTV I sprayed with Flat Screen Clean more than once in 2 certain areas, as after first time, I still saw small marks. After 2 spray, it was gone. Hopefully Flat Screen Clean product will be available in Canada nationwide in near future.

United Kingdom customer
Hi Vincent
I've been meaning to reply for some time. First of all thank you for the extra product, a very nice gesture from you and your company.
Secondly your product is amazing. I was at work today (I work in sports media so Sunday work days are pretty common) and I received your email today mid-edit. I am now at home and the wife has the movie Hunger Games running on Netflix and it just dawned on me how clean the screen still is following the first application of the producer where Screen Clean, firstly; removed all the crud and smears created by my old product and secondly had kept it streak and seemingly dust free for a long period of time. The HD picture looks great and it's all thanks to your product.
I could not be happier with the product and the results. Thank you once again for all your help and generosity.

Scott Get it !!!!!!!!
Got it....use it ! Get it !!!!!!!!

Really does the best job on everything!!!
I have this stuff and out of so many others I have tried, this one really does the best job on everything. I use it on all my Apple stuff as well as my 55"TV. No streaks and cleans up fingerprints the best.

Happy with it! and Cool with it!

Scott Recommend it !
Got it....use it......Recommend it !

Excellent product

Chicago Customer
Honestly, my husband was REALLY frustrated with the LED cleaner we had previously bought. So he went on YouTube and that's how he found you. Your product worked AMAZINGLY well!!

Italy Customer
I received your product today. They are perfect and effective. Thanks for the gadget that has given me. We feel the next order.

 Company: Girl Friday
I wanted to tell you that I have been professionally cleaning private homes for thirteen years and I love your product. The product does everything you claim it does and I am very delighted with the results. I love the mint scent. Just right. I take one bottle with me and the other stays at my home. I use it not only for televisions but also computer screens and cell phones. It is always a nice treat when you clean an office and can leave all the electronic screens spotless. Believe me, people notice and they appreciate it. It is always the special touches that impresses a client and any product that can accomplish that in such an efficient amount of time is a real treat to come across. I guess I don't have to say that I highly recommend this product to everyone. Professionals and those that don't have a lot of time to put into their cleaning. Thank you and keep up the good work. Brenda K

Best stuff my "good house" approval !!!!!

I got the package deal and I gave my 4oz bottle to my mother-in-law she loves it even uses it on her windows with a paper towel.
James D (I love Flat Screen Clean)
James D I love this product for cleaning my 42" TV and all the mirrors in my house. Great smell also.

Customer Jodaler
Sir you are incredibly bold! I would never put anything on my screen intentionally! 2. Thank you for this because I have children as well and the whole bottom of my screen is covered in fingerprints. 3. Did you see any type of difference when the TV was on (i.e. discoloration or hazing)? This is truly a great demonstration especially using the wide variety of foods. Thank you again.
Clear Channel Customer

THANK YOU so much for all the extra goodies and extra cleaner. I tried it out right away on our office TV's at Clear Channel and it worked WONDERFULLY well!

This got prints off my i Pad when nothing else would.

Thank You for all your kind words!

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Customer Service blog Flat Screen Clean™

     Flat Screen Clean 

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Gold Medal INPEX 2015 In Recognition of Innovative Excellence In the Category of Cleaning Products/Equipment

Rugani & Rugani LLC & Flat Screen Clean™ have been selected to exhibit at D2C 2015 in the New Product Showcase

At the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA) convention held at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas October 6-8, 2015

We focused like a Laser on the one big problem everyone has with their entire #FlatScreens, #TouchScreenDevices, #Computers, #Smartphones, #Tablets and #CurvedTVs that they have and solved all their problems on keeping them clean.

Environmentally Friendly

Kid Safe

Non-Toxic / Anti-Static / Streak Free / Scented Mint

We Only Use All-Natural Ingredients

Our vision is to be seen by our customers as the leading-edge flat and touch screen cleaner.

A safe and effective way to clean Any Flat, Touch screen device or curved TV.

Finally a safe and simple all-in-one flat and touch screen cleaning product at a low cost that is both alcohol/ammonia free.

With new technology emerging every day, Flat Screen Clean™ offers an #Environmentally Friendly, #non-toxic, #anti-static, and #streak Free product to satisfy customer’s needs to keep their flat , touch screen devices or curved TVs clean.

You no longer need to have a different cleaner for all the devices you own; just one and it’s made from all-natural ingredients.

We made our product as simple as 1-2-3 and provide the customer with the tools needed to ensure satisfaction.

“Flat Screen Clean™ is a non-toxic cleaner that has consumer health in mind.”

What does Flat Screen Clean™ Remove?

Fingerprints, dust, dirt, lipstick, smoke film, Crayon, pencil, permanent marker,
Food soils, Grease, Oils, Ink, Creams, Body lotions, Food dust,
Food oils, Other cleaners residues left behind

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